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The Fiery Ally PT.2

The Fiery Lady burning with anger shouted! “First to destroy her minions then Minax herself!”

“Will you join us to defeat Minax?” asked Demoss.

Without hesitation the Fiery Lady replied, “I will help you send her minions to a fiery death. I can even lead you to this noble that concerns you.”

“To Homare Jima,  her minions seek something in the mines.” Stepping through a gate, she winked, “Remember nothing is free. Your cities might still burn.”arrival in tok

Hurrying to the Mines.  Vxyen entered slowly, overwhelmed by the feeling of evil. She saw tiny Fan dancers  surrounding her. minxa minion.










While we  battled, The Fiery Lady stood offering no assistance.

“My lady where is your help?” Tis Da Bomb shouted.

“Here!” fan dancers, weakened by her magic, burst into flames.

tiney fan dancers

Surrounded, the source of  evil,  Hesia the Beautiful couldn’t fly free, She was quickly overwhelmed. heart of the battle

With the last of the Fan Dancers defeated, Vyxen was drawn to the mine entrance. “I feel more evil out there.” Joyfully the Fiery Lady rushed from the cave.  Outside we were surrounded by strange beetles.

ice beetles. Seeing their shells harden when attacked, the Fiery Lady raised her hands.  With shells, now white hot, the beetles began to bubble and dissolve.  Vyxen shuddered, “Such tainted creatures.”

Dusting the ash off of her hands, the fiery lady looked around. “Now for Minax’s messenger.

“Look at me, I’m flying.” Vyxen said following her through the gate.

On the other side we found ourselves inside a volcano.  The Fiery Lady shouting “There he is!”

Vyxen saw a fiery horse, its rider in black, flash by.  Not fast enough, he was quickly surrounded.


Standing by the lava, the Fiery Lady was shouting directions. “Forget the animal… kill the Rider! He must not get away.”



“Let me help.”  The Fiery Lady laughed.  Summoned elementals began attacking the warriors and mages.

her help.

In spite of her help, the battle was won.  “She won’t send anymore messengers.” The Fiery lady frowned.

“Where is the noble? You said you knew.” Vyxen asked. Losing her focus, Vyxen pointed to the  ceiling. “Wow, stars, they burn in the sky. See them dance with the sun.”

Smiling at Vyxen, the Fiery Lady created fire flies around Vyxen’s head, “Yes, that one is mad. Why is she with you?”

“That isn’t your concern.” Lady Thalia snapped. “Who is the noble!”

“Yes! tell us what you know” Demoss demanded.

Smoke rose around the Fiery Lady . “You demand to know!  Who are you to demand! A ball of fire appearing in her hand.  Looking at both Demoss and Lady Thalia, “I’ll tell you . We have an agreement. But be careful, your armor burns so easily.”

the noble

“My master worked with him. I found his name in my master’s things.” The Fiery Lady replied, “The noble wanders the city of Britain. Since I tried to set him on fire while he was in a bar, he has become paranoid.  I can take care of him for you.”

“Thank you my lady. But we need to talk to him first.” Vxyen swatted a fire fly off the Fiery Lady.

Tamais took Vxyen’s arm, ” Thank you, We can find him.”

Vyxen tried to pull away,  “But I want to watch the pretty yellow smoke.”.

“If you can’t find him, have that pretty blue lady find him. The Fiery lady  said with a sly look. “I would love to meet her.”

Narrowing her eyes, Lady Thalia glared. “Stay away from her, she is under our protection and the King”

“Oh well, I’m sure I’ll meet her. It won’t be hard, her magic is so strange… wonderful… Now I need to find more minions.”

Dahlia met us at the hall. “Did you learn the name of the noble?”

start 16

“Yes,” replied Tis Da Bomb. “His name is Dontaine Firrel.”

Dahlia said thoughtfully, “I know of him, a very minor noble. I’ll have him watched. He might lead us to the other nobles and his master.” Vyxen collapsed on a chair. “Is Vyxen okay? she looks as if she is going to faint, die…or both.

Tamias blushed, “She took one of Evidias potions, so I wouldn’t have to.

Dahlia laughed, “I can see why you didn’t drink it. Now I need you to  find proof that Firrel is the trouble maker. We must be careful. Dahlia paused, ” The King must not be compared to Casca. Good by my friends. I need to set a spy on his trail.” She walked toward the door.